Tips & Tricks

Below is a list of options and features you're likely to wonder about as you use ProgressBox.

Reordering Items

You can reorder projects, tasks, subtasks, and fields. On iOS, tap and hold for a second or two, then move the item up or down. On Mac, click and hold then move the item into position.

Notifications Across Devices

As you get notifications, you can mark them as read, unread, or delete them altogether. This is saved across your devices. So, for example, if you mark a notification as read on your Mac, it will be marked as read on your iPhone.

Emoji 😎

We have made sure emoji can be used anywhere in the app. They can brighten up a mundane list of tasks or help you to draw attention to certain items. Feel free to add some emoji color!

Dark Mode on Mac

ProgressBox fully supports dark mode starting in macOS Mojave, so feel free to give it a try.

The Settings (iOS) and Preferences (Mac) areas are always in dark mode since that's how we designed the application before macOS Mojave was released.