Getting Started

App Store Downloads

The Mac and iOS apps are only available in their respective App Stores.



The app is a free download, but requires a one-time, in-app purchase to unlock all the features.


ProgressBox is a task management application for individuals and teams. Each team (which could be any group, such as a client, department, project team, family, congregation, etc.) has its own workspace. Within each workspace are various layers of organization.


A collection of projects and tasks.

Only a workspace can be shared with others. Individual projects and tasks cannot be shared on their own.


A collection of tasks.


The place where all the work gets done. A task consists of:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Subtasks

  • File attachments

  • Comments

  • Assignee

  • Due date

  • Progress (an estimated completion percentage for how far along the task is)

  • Custom fields (defined by the users in the workspace)


Each workspace has an Inbox where all new tasks can be added, sorted, and assigned. Each user can also see anything assigned to them in that workspace in the My Tasks area. Everything else lives in a project.

For the Inbox and each project, the task lists can be in one of three buckets:

  1. In Progress - the place for tasks actively being worked on.

  2. Backlog - for tasks that need to be done eventually but aren't ready to be addressed yet.

  3. Completed - the glorious gold mine of all the good things you've done.

Sharing Workspaces

You can invite your colleagues and friends to share a workspace with you. You must invite them using their email address. This email does not have to be their Apple ID. They just need to be able to get the email from ProgressBox.

Invites to New Users

New users will get an email inviting them to download ProgressBox. Once they download and install the app, you will need to invite them again now that they have a ProgressBox account.

Invites to Existing Users

Those that already have the app installed will get an email inviting them to collaborate. Once they click the "join" link in the email, they will be available in your workspace.

Every user who wishes to join other workspaces must enable sharing and confirm their email address in the ProgressBox settings.

Push Notifications

Each workspace can have its push notifications tailored to how you like it. Go to Settings > Notifications and select the workspace you wish to edit. You can then set which ones you would like to receive.

To turn off notifications completely, use the iOS or Mac settings to disable them for the entire ProgressBox app.

Custom Fields

Each workspace can have custom fields set up to track unique things. Fields can be one of three types:

  • Text - this should be a short text snippet (e.g. a version number or a category)

  • Yes/No - this creates a toggle switch for flagging a task

  • List - this is a short list of options that can be selected on a task

Fields can be reordered and renamed, but be careful with deleting. Once you delete a field, all its associated values are deleted as well.

Task Descriptions

A task description is where the meat of the detail about a task goes. We have added the ability to use a limited amount of Markdown in your description to create rich text.

*this is bold*
_this is italic_
# This is a Heading
[link to Google](
`this is inline code`